Andrew Frost - 3 Solutions

3 Solutions by Andrew Frost

3 Solutions... to Hofzinsers Ace Problem

Contained in this project are 3 different approaches to Hofzinser's Ace problem. In each variation, four aces are used to divine the suit of a spectator's selection. Once the suit has been revealed, the ace transposes with the selection. The construction of the effect is excellent as there is an initial effect or coincidence with aces which then allows for a truly impossible climax.

Moves Explained

  • The strike second deal.
  • An ace display that allows you to hide one card whilst apparently showing 3 aces as 4 - an alternative to the Elmsley count.
  • A simple linguistic tip to help you with equivoque.
  • The Vernon Double lift and Pinky Count.
  • The D'Amico Change - a fantastic way to switch a card as well as other applications of the move.
  • The Clip Slip by Jerry Andrus - one of the cleanest and most deceptive controls that I perform)
  • The Hofzinser Cull Force - I give my subtitles and approaches to make the move a lot more consistent with a selection procedure
  • A one handed reversal - fairly technical
  • Some tips on the stop force.
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  • Original title: 3 Solutions by Andrew Frost
  • Release date: 20-09-2020
  • Genre: Card Magic
  • Directors: Sleight Lyobsessed
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  • Duration: 01:31:12
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