At the Table Live Lectures

In Progress 2 Years - 11 Months

At the Table is twice-monthly online lecture service. We invite some of the top lecturers in the industry to perform and lecture, and you watch live  from the comfort of your home. Once it is over you are given a downloadable file and you can enjoy it again and again.

Subscribe here to receive access to this month’s two lectures. Your subscription will then automatically renew each month (you can cancel at any time). If you sign up during September, you won’t be charged this month, but if you don’t cancel the subscription by the first of next month you’ll be charged $9.95 for next month’s lectures

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Year 1
1 Image First Season Pass (5 Months)2014
2 Image July2014
3 Image August2014
4 Image September2014
5 Image At the table Live Lecture 2014 – Month 6 October2014
6 Image Penguin Magic 2012 Full Year Lectures Collection Novermber2014
7 Image Penguin Magic 2012 Full Year Lectures Collection 1 December2014
  • Original title: At the Table Live Lecture
  • In Production: Yes
  • First air date: 05-02-2014
  • Genre: Lectures
  • Directors: Murphy's Magic
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