Blake Vogt - Fource Bag

Fource Bag by Blake Vogt

Blake Vogt is a creative force and his methods are always modern and innovative. “Fource Bag” is an update to the clear force bag and we think it’s the best one on the market. It is built into a zip lock bag (finally, a familiar object!), it packs flat and is so easy to use!

Say goodbye to the measly two compartment bags of the past. “Fource Bag” has four compartments which allows to to use the same bag to force different things. Take a look at the trailer above and you will see how efficient it is.

Here are just a few ideas for what you could use the bag for:

  • Forcing a specific amount of pocket change
  • Forcing multiple page numbers (mentalists, get your thinking caps on!)
  • Forcing playing cards
  • Forcing a piece of information during a Q&A routine

Blake makes each bag by hand so the gimmick you receive is high quality and designed to be used. You also receive online instructions in which Blake teaches you how to use the bag, as well as running through some of his favourite handlings.

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  • Original title: Fource Bag by Blake Vogt
  • Release date: 20-11-2018
  • Genre: Other
  • Directors: Vanishing INC
  • Rating: 0 votes
  • Duration: 00:13:32
  • Views: 88 views
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