Cody Nottingham - Multy-Shift

Multy-Shift by Cody Nottingham

Learn how to control multiple cards to the top of the deck… with one simple move.

From Cody Nottingham comes Multy-shift, a phenomenal control that allows you to shift one to multiple cards to the top of the pack. This is a simple, undetectable move that is done before the spectator can even blink.

Cody will take you step by step through the move, covering every detail so you can learn how to perform this control smoothly and swiftly with almost no effort. Multy-Shift can be integrated directly into all your card or multi-card routines, giving you a full proof control you can always rely on.

As a bonus, Cody Nottingham will teach you a new version of the Collectors Routine using the Multy-shift. Where four cards vanish one at a time into the deck to find the three audience-selected cards, all done by using this one sneaky move.

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  • Original title: Multy-Shift by Cody Nottingham
  • Release date: 26-09-2018
  • Genre: Card Magic
  • Directors: Magic Stream
  • Rating: 0 votes
  • Duration: 00:17:38
  • Views: 39 views
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