Dani Daortiz - Here & Now

Here & Now by Dani Daortiz

This is Dani DaOrtiz’s new DVD set. These DVDs were filmed live, direct from Grupokaps studio. Here you will find Dani’s newest material and best-kept secrets. Prepare to be amazed, learn and have fun in the hands of Dani DaOrtiz!

  • Video 1. NEW EFFECTS I : A DVD loaded with new effects, never before published, with explanations nourished by subtleties, psychology, new techniques and constructions in the DaOrtiz style. On this DVD, you can find effects such as “The numerical concordance to full deck,” a triple location routine with the help of a dagger, a new “Triumph” in the hands of the spectator, among other great works.
  • Video 2. NEW EFFECTS II & THEORY: This DVD ends the “new effects” section of the previous disc, with some tricks, among which are “The Perfect Play” and Dani’s versions of the classic “Reverse Trick by Paul Curry,” and more. In addition to the theory that Dani presents to us in each explanation, in this DVD he wanted to dedicate a few minutes to explore exciting subjects such as “how to be natural,” explaining the concept using a “card in the mouth” trick.
  • Video 3. THEORETICAL AND PRACTICAL (AND MORE EFFECTS): Two interesting topics that Dani tackles in this DVD: Estimation, to which Dani dedicates more than an hour, with techniques, effects, subtleties and DaOrtiz-style handling, and a second theme, no less fascinating, as it is “The Thought of Card,” which Dani has spoken about on many occasions, bringing new thoughts into this work.
  • Video 4. SEMIAUTOMATIC TRICKS & THEORY: Seven new semiautomatic jewels that will surely increase your magical repertoire. And also, an interesting section on “Lateral Thinking.”
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  • Original title: Here & Now by Dani Daortiz
  • Release date: 12-11-2018
  • Genre: Card Magic
  • Directors: Grupo Kaps
  • Rating: 0 votes
  • Duration: 06:44:33
  • Views: 113 views
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