Daniel Prado - Burn

Burn by Daniel Prado

Everyone asks the same question: "Could you cheat at cards?" Now you can answer...with a demonstration. This is, quite simply, the purest form of cheating we've found in a magic trick, all centered around the wildly popular game of Texas Hold 'Em. You appear to shuffle and cut the cards, but deal yourself four Aces, all according to the procedures of Texas Hold 'Em.

There are three great reasons you need to learn this routine:

  1. It's authentic. The more someone knows about Poker, and Hold 'Em in particular, the more they will love "Burn."
  2. Even if your spectators are not familiar with Poker, "Burn" is still extremely impressive.
  3. "Burn" is not an easy routine, but it's also not extremely difficult. If you put in the work, you can make this look perfect.
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