Tarbell – Every Trick in the Book Book 3 - Lesson 8

Lesson 41: Card Stabbing

A master class on a powerful plot.

Locating a lost card by stabbing the deck with a knife instantly adds more excitement, an extra level of impossibility, and a hint of danger to your magic.

Countless professionals have featured some kind of card stab to great success, and a few have built their reputations on this mind-blowing stunt.

First, an interesting method is employed to bring two cards together under cover, allowing someone to locate both (simultaneously) with a single stab.

Then, a bold, yet clever, ruse allows the knife to be thrust anywhere in the deck by anyone, yet the card will be revealed right next to it.

And, in yet another impromptu variation, no cover is required as a simple move (that you probably already do for another reason) makes the whole thing work.

Then Dan shows you a do-it-yourself, little gimmick that makes locating the card very easy, even with the deck sealed in an envelope.

Next, Dan's favorite stand-up stab combines danger with drama as the card is revealed impaled on the knife in a blazing flash of fire.

Then, Dan leads you into the reputation-making realm of the table-top stab and gives you a ton of variations, each one more incredible than the last... prepared, impromptu, with and without cover... ultimately culminating in a double-stab coincidence that is startling to watch and a joy to perform.

Following that, is a direct, impromptu method done with no cover... using any deck, a knife, and a clever move which simulates perfect placement.

And finally, a special, subtly-altered deck of cards (you probably already own) allows you to perform an impressive feat of hands-off stabbing.

In fact, there are so many ingenious approaches to this astounding premise that, when you're ready to take a stab at it, you'll have several ways to do it.

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