Tarbell – Every Trick in the Book Book 3 - Lesson 9

Lesson 42: Novelty Handkerchief Magic

Having variety in the kind of magic you perform naturally ensures your audience will enjoy your show with their undivided attention.

This lesson contains a wide assortment of tricks originally designed to use silk handkerchiefs, but of course, I've breathed new life into them by adding my presentational angles, creating brand-new methods, and in some cases, altering the props entirely to make use of more contemporary articles.

I begin with a seemingly simple game, combining tug-of-war and capture the flag with a magical series of penetrations making both players look like pros.

Then, I teach a trick that's knot magic ending in a tie. By that I mean, it begins with a knot tied in a tie and ends with the knot not where the knot was.

Continuing to turn the tide, I demonstrate the tremendous power of my laundry detergent to capture lost valuables. Don't believe me?... just watch.

Then, I perform (for a dubious duo) an ancient (and seldom seen) ceremony I recently invented, allowing the happy couple to really tie the knot.

Next, I re-examine the method of one of Tarbell's own creations, add some nice new touches, discovering how to make it both more elegant and deceptive.

But I really go all out on the next trick by replacing the silk with sugar, resulting in one of the sweetest and most perplexing transpositions ever seen.

Then, I teach you the simplest, most direct, and sure-fire way to turn many individual colored handkerchiefs into one large multi-colored masterpiece.

And I take on the most-famous American Flag blendo, by revamping the method and motivating the transformation with a lengendary piece of folklore.

After that, things get a bit crazy with fire, ribbons, and (of course) pirates as I teach you a flashy opening incorporating my brand new flag production.

Speaking of brand new, I give the world premiere of my super-clean version of knife through coat, finally eliminating that pesky piece of paper.

And last but not least, my cat, Mr. Fluffy Pants, gets into the act... or at least, his picture does, and it proves to be quite indestructible.

Not only will you learn novel handkerchief magic in this lesson, you'll see how I apply the core concepts to a wide variety of more modern presentations.

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