Tarbell – Every Trick in the Book Book 4 - Lesson 4

Lesson 49: Unique Card Magic

This lesson contains an assortment of tricks and stunts designed to make your card magic stand out from the rest. When these routines and moves first appeared in print, many of them were quickly adopted by card handlers everywhere, so you may recognize a couple, but wait 'til you see what Dan's done with them.

First off, Dan adds a few touches to a funny bit which becomes real magic as a well-known practical joke snake shows off another talent... finding a selected card.

Then, you'll learn Dan's set-up and handling for a beautiful mystery in which three selected cards seem to melt through a deck trapped in a wine glass.

And Dan shows you how to make a simple little gimmick, allowing you to cause a selected card to appear in an unexpected location.

Then, a singing participant finds their own card through a karaoke coincidence, and another card pops into view with quick riffle.

And speaking of cards popping into view, we're going to Vegas where Jeff McBride teaches you his exceptional work with a knacky move.

You'll learn a few other jumping cards, including the preferred modern method. Then, back to Vegas to find out how Jeff gets the most out of the long distance spinner.

And finally, Dan put together a quick routine to incorporate a card floating, vanishing, returning, and ultimately jumping through a flaming hoop.

Some of these tricks require special props, others plenty of practice, but all of them can get you, and your card magic, the attention and reactions you desire.

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