Ernesto Melero - Bundle

Ernesto Melero - Download Bundle

Ernesto Melero is an underground legend with astounding chops and a wildly creative approach to magic. Haven’t heard of him? That’s because he hasn’t published any magic for more than a decade. But now we’re proud to present this download bundle, which showcases some of his best routines and sleights. In particular, his “Impromptu Invisible Deck” is diabolically bold and easy to master, and “Card in Glass” is perhaps the purest card to impossible location we’ve seen.

Here is what’s included in the download:

  1. Impromptu Invisible Deck - This groundbreaking new handling of the Invisible Deck allows you to perform the age-old effect… without any gimmicks whatsoever. A spectator names a card, and that card is shown to be the only face-down card in a face-up deck. Everything is immediately examinable after the effect and it can be immediately repeated.
  2. Card in Glass - From the beginning, a lone card stands upright in a wine glass. A card is chosen, signed and lost into the pack, yet when the magician reveals the card in the glass, it is the SIGNED SELECTION. This switch looks like it would only be possible with camera tricks, or a gaffed card, but this really is accomplished with just a normal deck and sleight of hand. With practice, you’ll be able to master this practical parlor routine.
  3. Two Card Transposition - Two cards repeatedly switch places between your pocket and the top of the deck. Sleight-of-hand aficionados rejoice: there are plenty of original moves and sequences you’ll enjoy.
  4. Riffle Control - In the action of a riffle shuffle, you are able to control one or multiple cards.
  5. Deck Switch - The magic world needs more and better stand-up deck switches. Too many require gaffs or to be seated behind a table. This switch is bold, easy to execute, and ready to be implemented in your parlor performance.
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  • Original title: Ernesto Melero - Download Bundle
  • Release date: 13-06-2020
  • Genre: Card Magic
  • Directors: Vanishing INC
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  • Duration: 00:35:35
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