George Iglesias - Magic Box

Magic Box by George Iglesias

A classic of magic brought to modern times by George Iglesias!

Within the years the drawer box has become a classic of magic, a versatile apparatus that allows the magician to show an empty box and then make many objects appear. All drawer boxes are normally made out of wood or acrylic... Ok that's fine, but what if you can present the drawer box now as a more realistic modern box? You got it!

You can make your MagicBox look as a shoe box and perform many great routines, or go in other ways and transform it into a toy box? A teddy bear box? cupcakes? cookies? candies? And many things more, the limit is your imagination!

Perfect for parlor, stage, MC's, children's magicians and clowns too!

Comes with pre-made stickers for shoe brands, toys, teddy bear, cupcakes and stars to customize your MagicBox and decorate it your way!

Made out of a nice thick cardboard to last, comes flat in three pieces, easy and ready to assemble in minutes!

Available in two different colors: red and black and in two different sizes medium and large. (See the information down below)

Many effects:

  1. 1Show a shoe box empty, snaps your fingers and make a couple of shoes appear!
  2. Walkout on stage wearing slippers, like if you forget to put your shoes on, your audience will laugh, then show a shoe box empty, snap your fingers and voila! Problem solved; you make your shoes appear right awa
  3. Perform the classic burn shoe effect and make the kids shoe reappear in one piece inside of this box.
  4. While performing your show, grab this box and open it, you show it is completely empty, of course, because you are wearing your shoes... Leave the box now aside and continue with your show... After some minutes direct the audience eyes to your shoes, they are gone! You are now bare foot or wearing socks, haha... No problem, snap your fingers and your shoes reappear inside of the box that was shown empty before!
  5. Show a toy box empty, say the magic words and abracadabra! The toy appears!
  6. Show a teddy bear box empty, wave your hand and make it appear inside!
  7. Show a cupcake box empty, make a magic gesture and lots of cupcakes appear!
  8. Appear chocolates, candies, cookies and many things more, the limit is your imagination!
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  • Original title: Magic Box by George Iglesias
  • Release date: 20-01-2022
  • Genre: Box Magic
  • Directors: Murphy's Magic
  • Rating: 0 votes
  • Duration: 00:49:19
  • Views: 104 views
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