Justin Miller - The Bold Project Volume 3

The Bold Project Volume 3 by Justin Miller

Eclipse - A coin and card transpo that happens in your pocket. A card is chosen, signed and returned to the center of the pack, left out-jogged. Meanwhile, a coin is signed by the spectator and the performer places it in their pocket. The performer asks a spectator to place their hand over the pocket with the coin, trapping it. The performer takes the card from the deck in his palm and squeezes it into his fist, before turning the hand over to reveal the signed coin inside. The spectator reaches inside the performers pocket and pulls out their signed card. The coin and card have incredibly changed places.

Light Wave - Four Kings are placed into an empty card box, while the Joker is placed out-jogged, face-up into the center of the deck. In the action of spinning the Joker out of the deck it instantly changes into all four Kings. The box is immediately inspected to show the Joker has materialised within. A gorgeous transposition inspired by the work of Jack Carpenter.

Circle of Life - A quarter is borrowed and both sides signed by two spectators. The performer pulls a sealed condom package out of his wallet and strikes the signed quarter with it. The quarter unbelievably vanishes from his hand. The condom package is immediately torn open to reveal the signed quarter is inside, lodged inside of the condom.

Personal Bubble - A street version of cards across that happens in the spectators pocket. Ten cards are withdrawn from the deck, and the bottom card noted by the spectator. The ten cards are placed in their pocket, while another spectator counts another ten cards from the deck and places it in their pocket. Without touching either spectator, the performer has the first spectator count through their cards… of which their are only nine. The noted bottom card has disappeared. The second spectator withdraws the cards from their pocket and counts them out deliberately. They now have 11 cards - including the first spectator’s thought-of card. This is a no-palm, no gimmick street version of David Blaine’s ‘Strange Travellers’ - and it couldn’t be better.

Zeitgeist - A dollar bill is signed by a spectator and set aside. A card is chosen by the spectator and returned to the middle of the deck. The deck is cut and the top portion placed under the spectator’s hand. The dollar bill is placed on top of a single card which is dropped on top of the remaining portion of the deck. Instantly, the bill vanishes, completely - the deck spread to show it has truly disappeared. The spectator lifts their hand to show the bill has appeared in their section of the deck, right next to their chosen card.

Double Decker - A two phase sandwich routine using the kings that defies logic. The spectator makes all the decisions - which card is selected, where the kings are replaced - they even verify that there are no cards between the two kings the split second before the first sandwich happens. In the second phase, the kings are even placed separately in different sections of the deck - but with a snap, they’ve sandwiched the spectators card again. Double Decker is your new favorite sandwich routine.

Checkmate - A card is selected by a spectator and returned to the deck. The performer withdraws four cards that are going to help him determine the selected card - four Queens. Narrowing the selected card down to a single suit, the performer asks the spectator to hold the matching Queen. The remaining Queens are placed face up in the center of the pack. The deck is squared and immediately spread, to show the Queens have changed into the matching value of the spectator’s card. But - there is still one queen unaccounted for, the Queen held by the spectator, matching the chosen card’s suit. The spectator turns the card over - it has unbelievably changed into their chosen card. Packed full of changes, this is a highly entertaining effect.

First Stop - The first trick Justin Miller ever created and the one he has used for years to get tips. The performer asks the spectator to sign a bill, and shows that he already has a signed bill as well. The performer folds the spectator’s bill and places it in the spectator’s hand. He then takes his own bill and folds it as well. Seconds later, he unfolds the bill - and shows that it has changed into the spectator’s signed bill. The bill in the spectator’s hand has also changed into the performer’s signed bill. A clean transposition of two signed bills.

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  • Original title: The Bold Project Volume 3 by Justin Miller
  • Release date: 17-07-2014
  • Genre: Card Magic
  • Directors: Magic Stream
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  • Duration: 01:32:36
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