Luis Alberto Zavaleta Lores - Easel

EASEL by Luis Alberto Zavaleta Lores

Easel is a super visua—l and unique card reveal with a nice artistic touch! This is a great trick for social media or virtual magic shows.

A spectator selects a card without anyone seeing it. You then produce a prediction card that has an easel on the back. This card is signed on both sides by the spectator.

Your spectator then takes a guess at what card they think they chose. You write this card on the easel and also draw a stick figure that represents the spectator.

Now, it's time for the big reveal. You turn over the selected card, only to find that the spectator guessed wrong.

It's not a problem though! All you need is a little magic!

With just a quick wave of your hands, the prediction changes to the correct card right in front of their eyes. The spectator can examine this card and even take it home as an unforgettable souvenir.

  • Super easy to perform
  • Perfect giveaway item
  • NO flaps
  • NO switches
  • NO magnets
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  • Original title: EASEL by Luis Alberto Zavaleta Lores
  • Release date: 29-06-2020
  • Genre: Card Magic
  • Directors: Vanishing INC
  • Rating: 0 votes
  • Duration: 00:24:28
  • Views: 40 views
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