Robert Ramirez - Connected

Robert Ramirez: Connected

Our "Connected" series continues to be a mass'ive hit, so we're VERY pleased to present our third edition, this one starring actor and magician Rob Ramirez. This format allows us to spotlight an innovative magician performing an entire virtual show for REAL spectators...and then explaining the tricks in full. Rob Ramirez's show features six wonderful, offbeat, and zany effects that can immediately go into your own virtual performances. As usual, these tricks have been specifically modified for a virtual show experience, but work AT LEAST as well, if not even better, in person. We chose Rob because he has such a lovely presence, even through screens during a virtual performance. An accomplished actor from musicals like In the Heights and Shrek: The Musical, he is also an accomplished magician with several television credits including a terrific performance on Fool Us.

Rob details six routines in full:

  • Deepest Sympathy - You and a participant have the Ace through Seven of a suit in order, and although you each shuffle the packet completely and differently to each other...both packets end up back in perfect order.
  • Treasure Map - A card is freely thought-of from a spread, virtually. The performer uses an actual treasure map to locate the spectator's chosen card.
  • Dimes and Pennies - The performer asks the spectator to pick up as many pennies and dimes as she likes and despite total freedom, the perform perfectly predicts the outcome...several times in a row.
  • 52 Shades of Grey - An impossible coincidence with a pack of cards: a spectator is allowed to make ALL the decisions with their own deck from a remote location, yet the performer proves the ultimate synchronicity.
  • The James Grime Trick - A poker hand of sorts is dealt out entirely under the control of a spectator. In fact, the cards are in the spectator's hands. Then, a number is calculated based on the numbers BETWEEN the values of each card in the hands, and Rob offers an unusual yet perfect prediction.
  • Hawk Watching - This time the magician holds the cards, but the spectator determines how cards are dealt into two piles. Despite total fairness and control of what cards go where--despite the performer being blindfolded as the cards are dealt--the performer is able to correctly predict the total value of all the cards dealt into each packet.
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  • Original title: Robert Ramirez: Connected
  • Release date: 08-10-2020
  • Genre: Misc Magic
  • Directors: Vanishing INC
  • Rating: 0 votes
  • Duration: 01:43:39
  • Views: 244 views
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