Shawn Farquhar - Inflation

Inflation by Shawn Farquhar

A volunteer selects and signs a card, it is then lost in the deck. The volunteer then is given a choice of several balloons to choose from. Once a balloon is chosen, the magician then visibly pushes the deck of cards through the walls of the balloon.

That’s not all! The volunteer then signs the balloon. The signed balloon is blown up and the cards are mixed by tossing them around inside the balloon.

The volunteer’s signed selection is then pulled out through the latex wall of the balloon!

The signed selection and the balloon with the rest of the deck inside then handed immediately to the volunteer as a souvenir.

  • Can be preceded by any of your best card routines, then proceed to Inflated.
  • Impossible object souvenir.
  • Bound to be a crowd favorite.
  • Perfect for that one table or client you want to impress.
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  • Original title: Inflation by Shawn Farquhar
  • Release date: 21-02-2019
  • Genre: Balloon Magic
  • Directors: Others
  • Rating: 0 votes
  • Duration: 00:09:09
  • Views: 35 views
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