Steven Bridges - The Victory Shuffle

The Victory Shuffle by Steven Bridges

A completely false overhand shuffle that looks just like the real thing.

Dear Friend,

Let me tell you a quick story... In the early stages of this shuffle, I met up with my mate Alex Ward to hang out. (You might know Alex from his CTG release with Ellusionist) He asked what I'd been working on, so I pulled a deck of cards out of my backpack and showed him the early, rough around the edges version of The Victory Shuffle. I showed him the deck after, in perfect new deck order. Not a card out of place. He stared at the deck... After staring for a few seconds, he looked up and said... "That's the best thing I've seen in years. You've just contributed to card magic!"  And when I showed him the method, he was even more impressed. Here's the thing...

A great false shuffle unlocks doors in card magic! 

It gives you potential to do a whole host of effects that just aren't possible otherwise.

Effects that... for spectators... have no explanation.

Good false overhand shuffles are hard to find. Many have these problems:
  • They're blocky
  • You have to run lots of single cards (nothing like a real shuffle!)
  • They lack naturalness and casualness (two essential elements for a deceptive false shuffle!)
Shuffles that do have that casual feeling, often only look good if the spectator isn't watching too closely.

When you perform, you don't want to worry about a spectator watching your hands...

You want a shuffle that looks just like the real thing!

Real shuffles are: 
  • Casual (It shouldn't look like you're concentrating!)
  • Natural (Does your false shuffle look just like a real shuffle? It should!)
  • A bit messy (No one who is genuinely shuffling cards cares about neatness!)

The Victory Shuffle is that shuffle. 

In fact, I think Magic Mastery member Eric summed it up perfectly with his response: a

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  • Original title: The Victory Shuffle by Steven Bridges
  • Release date: 21-10-2021
  • Genre: Card Magic
  • Directors: Others
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  • Duration: 00:53:10
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