Abdullah Mahmoud - Presence

Presence by Abdullah Mahmoud

A classic system revisited!

Imagine... being able to take any small object and vanish it like a true wizard. From the mind of Abdullah Mahmoud, all the way from Egypt, we proudly present "Presence". Presence is not a trick but a classic system that took us 4 years to redefine. It does not only allow you to vanish any small objects with minimal movements. But more than that? It could allow you to make any small objects teleport and appear! And yes you could even make liquid appear out of thin air! Watch the trailer to believe it. In this project, you will learn 5 routines to kickstart your magic experience. What will you learn?
  • Basic, Advanced Vanish (borrowed object) and Snap Vanish.
  • Out of Thin Air (Making any small object appear in your hands.
  • Out of Thin Air 2 (You could hand out the item as a souvenir).
  • Dual Transpo (Making a small object transpo between your hands).
  • Invisible Ring (An incredible ring routine contributed by uprising star Grayson Young).
  • Liquify (Making drinkable liquid out of thin air).

Presence is not limited to these routines; the system has infinite possibilities, and we will continue to develop more routines for Presence.

Taught in depth by Grayson Young in English (45 min instructions) Get yours now while stocks last.
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  • Original title: Presence by Abdullah Mahmoud
  • Release date: 20-11-2021
  • Genre: Object Magic
  • Directors: Murphy's Magic
  • Rating: 1.0 1 votes
  • Duration: 00:44:58
  • Views: 129 views
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