Alex Elmsley - Tahoe Sessions

Alex Elmsley Tahoe Sessions Set (Vol 1 thru 4)

Alex Elmsley is, quite simply, one of the all-time great close-up creators. And the Tahoe Sessions is, as you would expect, one of the great video collections ever recorded. We're so happy that, in 1998, Louis Falanga captured Alex Elmsley on tape. Elmsley IS worthy of the hype, and then some. He is older here, yet the magic he performs looks FLAWLESS, and he exudes the energy and wisdom of the legend he clearly was. These four downloads are essential viewing for the close-up student, and anyone unfamiliar with the genius of Alex Elmsley stands to be fooled badly by his principles. This set is a tremendous value at the full price, but to begin learning immediately via download, for only $99.95 is extraordinary.

The sheer wealth of extraordinary card tricks on these four volumes makes it a great value. On all four volumes you will see tricks that were groundbreaking in their own time and continue to spawn variations today: "Between Your Palms," "Diamond Cut Diamond," "Dazzle," and a dissertation on all the early Elmsley count material.

Does Elmsley still have chops? Yes! Just watch his insanely clean (and difficult) rear-palm card to wallet, or his fan steal. He was such a gifted technician and creator. And although he isn't a strong force of personality, his charm and wit come through well.

Watch for his Cups and Balls. Whether or not you use his method, you'll love the ingenuity that went into his bizarre final load, in which he pours TONS of loose salt from all the cups. Also watch for "Dazzle," an early and perhaps BEST PACKET TRICK OF ALL TIME. And for the best two-deck effect ever invented, look no further than "The Red and the Blue."

Volume One

  • Four Card Trick
  • New Four Card Trick
  • Interview - Early Days
  • Twisters Flush
  • One Poor Lion
  • Separating the Men from the Boys
  • Interview - The Professor
  • Power Poker
  • Spectator Aces
  • Economy Class Departure
  • Interview - Vernon and the Ghost Count
  • Dazzle

Volume Two

  • 1002nd Aces
  • Repulsive Aces
  • The Elmsley Rising Card
  • Interview - The Faro Shuffle
  • Brainweave
  • Underworld
  • Interview - More on the Faro
  • Collinspell
  • The Floating Ladies
  • Cross-25

Volume Three

  • Fan Prediction
  • The Red and the Blue
  • Interview - Presentation
  • A Strange Story
  • Color Filter
  • Interview - Stage Manipulation
  • Multiplying Aces
  • En Voyage
  • Color-Changing Faro Shuffle
  • Interview - What is Good Magic?
  • Moveless Follow the Leader
  • Card to Wallet

Volume Four

  • Fate's Datebook
  • Diamond Cut Diamond
  • Interview - Creativity
  • Pack of Lies
  • Half-Pack Vanish
  • Torn & Restored Newspaper
  • Between Your Palms
  • Multiple Mind Reading
  • The Four Blanks
  • Interview - An Encounter
  • The Cups & Balls
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  • Original title: Alex Elmsley Tahoe Sessions Set (Vol 1 thru 4)
  • Release date: 02-08-2013
  • Genre: Card Magic
  • Directors: L&L Publishing
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  • Duration: 04:50:39
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