Benjamin Earl - Trade Secrets - Covert Collection

Ben Earl's Trade Secrets Project by Ben Earl

Trade secrets from a master of his craft are finally being revealed.

Benjamin Earl is a world-renowned performer, creator and teacher that has fooled Penn & Teller and regularly amazes audiences around the world and magic greats like David Blaine. Now, in conjunction with Studio52, Ben Earl will be sharing the years of experience, techniques and psychology behind his innovative magic for the first time ever.

Trade Secrets is a one-of-a-kind chance to learn directly from a master card magician. Its like getting private one-on-one lessons on five key card magic sleights that can make ANY card trick better: The Combination Shuffle, The Overhand DPS, Finessed Frank Thompson Cut, False Swing Cut and Deceptive Card Control.

Beyond teaching you the mechanics of each move in meticulous detail, Ben also dives into the psychology of how to maximize the impact on every audience. The Trade Secrets Project offers you the tools to conduct sleight of hand so flawlessly, it's essentially undectable. In essence, you'll create real magic.

You can buy each video individually for a fraction of the cost of a private lesson. Or, for the ultimate savings, get all five downloads at a discounted price with the Trade Secrets: Covert Collection. This is an UNBEATABLE value.

"Ben Earl has turned his analytical mind toward the fundamentals of sleight of hand and we all benefit. His clear vision, fresh approach and articulate explanations are a level above. When Ben speaks, I listen!" - David Williamson
"Trade Secrets are a must have if you want to take your magic to the next level. Ben is a great teacher and a true magic master. This a no-brainer...get these!" - Bill Malone

"Trade Secrets represents a deeper level of thinking and analysis on the impeccable execution of sleight of hand. Who better to be our coach than Benjamin Earl. This new series is simply outstanding." - Michael Vincent

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  • Original title: Ben Earl's Trade Secrets Project by Ben Earl
  • Release date: 01-05-2021
  • Genre: Card Magic
  • Directors: Studio52
  • Rating: 0 votes
  • Duration: 03:31:09
  • Views: 46 views
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