Blake Vogt - Gypsy Tape

Gypsy Tape by Blake Vogt

In this video video, you are going to learn a modern and unique handling of the age old Gypsy Thread effect. Blake’s version uses… Scotch Tape!

Piece by piece you rip off little strips of tape and stick them onto your fingers. At fingertips, you stick them all together and then, without any cover, you start to pull them apart. The pieces fuze back together into one long length of tape!

As you can expect from Blake, the method you will learn is innovative and out-of-the box. It is also practical and easy to do. If you can get hold of a Scotch tape dispenser, you can do this routine!

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  • Original title: Gypsy Tape by Blake Vogt
  • Release date: 21-06-2018
  • Genre: Other
  • Directors: Vanishing INC
  • Rating: 0 votes
  • Duration: 00:20:30
  • Views: 242 views
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