Cody Nottingham - E-Rase

E-Rase by Cody Nottingham

Would you ever let someone draw on your phone with a permanent marker?… Only a magician would.

Cody Nottingham is back with E-RASE, a devastating permanent ink manipulation effect.

E-Rase is wildly visual, a spectator takes a permanent marker and draws an X directly on the screen of your phone. The performer is then able to slide that across the screen leaving it locked in place in a new location. Don’t worry, by this point you’re 100% clean.

Cody will take you through the ingenious method, showing you how to create the gimmick at home for next to nothing. Nottingham will then give you his own personal routines, and his bonus ideas of how he applies the same method to other objects. Opening the creative door for you to run wild with this devious gimmick. 

Learn E-RASE now. 

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  • Original title: E-Rase by Cody Nottingham
  • Release date: 15-01-2019
  • Genre: Ink Magic
  • Directors: Magic Stream
  • Rating: 0 votes
  • Duration: 00:28:56
  • Views: 40 views
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