Gustavo Vierini - Lucid Dream Prediction

Lucid Dream Prediction by Gustavo Vierini

On this video, Gustavo Vierini will share with you, his take on a Confabulation type of effect. This is a fantastic and strong way to close your show.

Imagine asking somebody to pick any place in the world, any type of food and it’s price. Inside an envelope in a full view the whole time there’s a prediction. A piece of paper with all the informations FREELY selected by the audience.

NOTE: The envelope with the prediction can be signed by the spectators and they can hold onto it till the end of the show.

Everything is self contained, no need of any hidden assistants, the mentalist control everything and can be 100% correct, EVERY TIME.

As a bonus, Gustavo Vierini will share also his technique to do Football matches predictions, elections or headline predictions that can be signed and sealed in front of everybody. Believe, it can be done LIVE on TV.

“Although I am not a big fan of confabulation routines, I truly love Gustavo Vierini’s new lucid dream prediction! It looks absolutely fantastic and you can put it together using items you already have it home. Gustavo covers every phase in great detail leaving nothing to chance. All the moves look completely natural and he has some great new ideas! He also includes a great newspaper prediction that alone is worth the price of this outfit. I highly recommend you purchase this if you’re a professional!” - Richard Osterlind

"Gustavo is creeping his way into one of my favourite ones on the shelve. He is clear and on point, aside from finding the material I find quite intriguing and strong. He is now one of the good ones. Way to go Gustavo!!" - Bobby Motta

"Lucid Dreams is a great version of the Confabulation Plot that Gustavo has been using to end his shows for years. It's full of subtleties and clever ideas that elevate the effect and make the routine extremely entertaining, engaging and memorable for all audiences. This is a great closer for any show." - Marc Paul

“A great addition to confabulation and your ending is standing ovation material!!” - Paul Romhany

“Lucid Dream Prediction is a fantastic, memorable and powerful way to end your act. Extremely simple and well structured, Gustavo offer pure real-world material, and this is not exception” - Pablo Amirá

"Lucid Dream Prediction is a master piece of art with a lot of subtleties and psychological convincers that brings Alan Saxon's Confabulation to an extragalactical level. Each tiny little detail make the perfection of it. This is Professional Mentalism! And on top of that as a Bonus Vierini Cheers us with a fantastic "Billet Switch". - Congratulations Gustavo Vierini, a dreams creator. El Gran Bronzini

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  • Original title: Lucid Dream Prediction by Gustavo Vierini
  • Release date: 11-06-2019
  • Genre: Mentalism Magic
  • Directors: Penguin Magic
  • Rating: 0 votes
  • Duration: 01:00:04
  • Views: 72 views
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