John K. Redmon - Andrus Card Control 4

Andrus Card Control 4 by Jerry Andrus Taught by John Redmon

The in-depth teaching of moves taught here in Volume 4 will allow you to begin to fully master and use the strength of the Andrus Card Control approach. These moves are not difficult in their mechanics since they rely fully on the Diagonal Jog Push In Control taught in Volume 1. They are some of Jerry's most potent and versatile moves used by Jerry Andrus in his live shows.

The moves taught are:
  • The Sneak Peek (Single and multiple cards)
  • The Twivot Move (Twist + Pivot. Considered to be the most versatile move in Andrus Card Control using multiple or single cards.)
  • Table Reverse Shuffle (Reversing one or more cards in the deck from a table riffle shuffle.)
  • The Four Ace Routine from Andrus Card Control
  • Drag Strip to Card Case (A move and choreographed sequence to steal a card from the deck and produce it from the card case.)
  • The Legendary Andrus Side Steal (Plus Jerry's version of a Delayed Side Steal.)
  • Banditry (Moves taught so far where you can put rubber bands around the deck and still execute the card controls.)
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  • Original title: Andrus Card Control 4 by Jerry Andrus Taught by John Redmon
  • Release date: 16-11-2018
  • Genre: Card Magic
  • Directors: Murphy's Distribution
  • Rating: 0 votes
  • Duration: 01:20:02
  • Views: 34 views
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