Justin Miller - The Bold Project Volume 2

The Bold Project Volume 2 by Justin Miller

String Theory - A dollar bill passes through a pen line drawn on another dollar bill, solid through solid. With a wave of a lighter, the line vanishes - and both bills are inspected, verified to be wholly in tact. Justin's performance of this effect alone is a lesson in tenacity using two borrowed bills. An effect that totally embraces the BOLD philosophy.

The Great Divide - Never be caught a few dollars short again. A dollar bill is shown front and back, folded in half and with a twist - becomes a ten dollar bill. The changed bill is then unfolded, shown front and back - and can be inspected, pocketed - or handed to a bewildered cashier.

DMT - A multi-phase coin transposition using a penny and a quarter. A penny is placed in the hand and a quarter on top of the closed fist. With a rub of the quarter, the coins change places. The change can be repeated - penny in the hand and quarter on the fist - and as the quarter is picked up off the hand… it changes. This is gutsy, visual magic.

Summons - A haunted pack from inside the box. A card is selected and signed, lost in the deck and the deck returned to the box. The box is left on the spectator’s hand while a single card s-l-o-w-l-y makes its way out of the pack. Just as the card escapes the deck, it jumps into the performer’s outstretched hand - and turned over… revealing the spectator’s signature.

Cradle - A rising card routine using a variation on the Summons effect. A card is signed, the deck riffled off the thumb and the card replaced wherever the spectator calls ‘stop’. With the deck returned to the box, the spectator holds the open tuck flap, allowing the deck to rock back and forth below their hand. A single card rises from within… then flies into the air to be caught by the performer.

Top Shot - Lennart Green’s Top Shot is both impressive… and difficult. Justin Miller’s version couldn’t be easier - and the routine he teaches with it will make its way into your regular arsenal right away. A seamless ending to an ACR - yet strong enough to stand all by itself.

Deep End - An interesting twist on the signed transposition plot. A card is chosen and signed by a spectator and placed in the performer’s back pocket. A second card is removed from the deck and a rubber band wrapped around it in place of a signature. With a stroke of the finger, the rubber band melts away and the card turned over to reveal the spectator’s signed card and the performer’s card have changed places. To verify, the transposed performer’s card is removed from his back pocket - replete with rubber band.

Smoking For Two - The undisputed standout of this DVD. This is a torn and restored cigarette on steroids. A cigarette is borrowed from a spectator and broken in two as a demonstration of will power to quit smoking. With a rub of the two broken pieces together, the cigarette slowly, visually, melds back together. As a kicker, the cigarette is split into two new cigarettes - one kept by the magician and the other handed back to the spectator.

Passe - Not a fan of Oil and Water? You will be after you see this. A two phase routine that uses the box and the spectator’s hands to accomplish the seemingly impossible. Six cards are mixed red, black, red, black, red, black. The performer pauses for a second before turning the cards face up - they’ve instantly separated - three reds on top, three blacks on bottom. The effect is repeated, but to make it harder, the black cards are placed in the box, the red cards kept by the performer. With a wave of the hand, the red cards become black - leaving the spectator to open the box in their hands… removing the three red cards they saw just moments ago.

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  • Original title: The Bold Project Volume 2 by Justin Miller
  • Release date: 17-07-2014
  • Genre: Card Magic
  • Directors: Magic Stream
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  • Duration: 01:43:16
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