Patricio Terán - Matrix Mix

Matrix Mix by Patricio Terán

Matrices specialist Patricio Terán delights us with a combination of his routines so that anyone can perform them. The video explains how to make the system and the games that can be made. Simple and complex version, these are the games:

  • Matrix element plus
  • Hurricane Matrix
  • Domino Matrix
  • Matrix dice
  • Extra video chink to chink flash

Some of the best magicians have commented:

“Bravo! Awesome! Wonderful! This is what I’d been wanting to do the most.” - Mott-sun

“Objects jump, travel and get excited. Keys open doors, jumping dices,Rings that compromise travels and others elements will play to the matrix compases.” - Bruno Tarnecci

” I think Patricio revolutionized what are the Matrix, great impact visual magic” - Federico poeymiro

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