Ramon Amaral - Virtual Magician

Virtual Magician by Ramon Amaral

From the creative mind of João Miranda and Sébastien Macak arrives an amazing trick with your phone that will amaze both kids and adults. In this effect any card is selected, signed and shuffled back into the deck. Then the performer removes four random cards and places them face down on the table and asks the spectator to mix them as much as he wants and explains that thanks to new technology his phone hosts a virtual magician who will find the selected card for him. The magician opens his camera app to scan the table and suddenly from nowhere a 3D “virtual magician” appears! The “virtual magician” walks and dances over the cards until he lays down on top of one card which is the freely chosen and signed card! As a BONUS the magician removes the doll from the screen and gives it to the spectator as a souvenir he will keep forever!

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  • Original title: Virtual Magician by Ramon Amaral
  • Release date: 03-01-2020
  • Genre: Phone Magic
  • Directors: João Miranda
  • Rating: 0 votes
  • Duration: 00:10:09
  • Views: 55 views
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