Ross Tayler, The Maverick & Bradley Hodgins - Leviathan


LEVIATHAN is a full-deck false shuffle, which perfectly mimics a casual in-the-hands riffle.

Evolving from a series of false table shuffles The Mav has previously published, this off the table handling is even more practical and deceptive.

LEVIATHAN contains 15-minutes of in-depth teaching, breaking the move down into it’s simplest components, before bringing everything back together and teaching multiple variant handlings. As a bonus, Ross includes a highly deceptive false overhand shuffle, which he frequently uses in combination with LEVIATHAN, and which has fooled the most knowledgable cardmen in London.

LEVIATHAN is designed to be highly visually deceptive, and completely sure-fire, avoiding the potential for hang-ups and missed cards which are the downfalls of many other full-deck controls. As such it is the perfect solution for the worker and hobbyist alike.

The combo package includes the original PDF booklet detailing the tabled variations of the Leviathan shuffle, at half price. This booklet is not necessary to understand the in the hands Leviathan shuffle, but if you want to see where it came from then those are great tools to add to your arsenal!

CREDITS: Ben Earl published a similar approach to an ITH false riffle in the first issue of his wonderful magazine, Gambit, under the name of "The Simulation Shuffle". Whilst Leviathan was not directly inspired by Ben's shuffle, and there are distinct differences between the two moves, it would be remiss not to mention him, given that they mimic the same style of shuffle and have similar mechanics. The Simulation Shuffle is a really excellent move, and I thoroughly recommend that those of you who can get hold of Gambit do so.

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  • Original title: LEVIATHAN - ROSS TAYLER
  • Release date: 02-04-2020
  • Genre: Card Magic
  • Directors: Others
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  • Duration: 00:17:09
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