Smagic Productions - Money Maker

Money Maker by Smagic Productions

Make money appear right in front of your spectator's eyes. Watch the trailer to see how good this looks.

You show an empty envelope and in an instant, it is suddently full of bills. And they can immediately be handed out for examination. It works with any currency and you are not limited to just making money appear. You also learn how to make money change, and vanish.

Money Maker is very easy to do and is perfect for close-up and walk-around. It is the perfect lead in effect to do before you perform Hundy 500 or Extreme Burn.

  • Use any currency (size or denomination do not matter)
  • Visual
  • Instant reset
  • Video instructions
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  • Original title: Money Maker by Smagic Productions
  • Release date: 20-05-2019
  • Genre: Money Magic
  • Directors: SMagic Productions
  • Rating: 3.5 2 votes
  • Duration: 00:09:23
  • Views: 112 views
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