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Guy Hollingworth

Studio52 presents a special meeting between Guy Hollingworth and Ben Earl. This is a behind the scenes look into how Ben and Guy approach magic. We get to watch them lecture, perform and jam together—in ways that transcend the normal teaching format. This is a rare, authentic glimpse into what happens when world class magicians get together to explore what they love.


Guy Hollingworth Lecture (73 minutes) Guy gives a special lecture about one of his favourite effects, ‘The Penetration of Cards through aJacket’—going into more detail than ever before. However, Guy uses this structure as an opportunity to talk about many more things including Lateral Palm, the Bottom Palm, Holding Out, naturalness, angles, a brilliant Ace Production and much more! There are so many gems in this fantastic lecture!

Interactive Q&A (42 minutes) Guy takes questions from our live audience and discusses the themes and techniques from his lecture. Guy is joined by Ben who helps moderate the questions and bring additional detail and direction to the conversation.

Interview (72 minutes) Ben interviews Guy about his life in magic. Many unique things about Guy emerge—including his relationship to boxing, explosions, car chases and his ‘veneer of respectability’. We discover the similarities between Guy and Ben’s approach to magic, a hilarious coin magic challenge takes place and we find out who the mysterious Cholmondeley is!

The Voodoo Session (36 minutes) Ben performs and explains his favourite effect of Guy’s—‘The Voodoo Card Trick’! This is a very cool session on a fantastic ‘hidden’ card effect of Guy’s that you will immediately want to perform! Ben and Guy sit together to explore every aspect of this routine; revealing some brand new subtleties and tactics which transform this effect into an in-the-hands stunner.

Ben and Guy Jam Session (82 Minutes) Ben and Guy sit at the card table and have a completely unplanned, unscripted jam session! For over 1hr 20 mins Ben and Guy discuss false shuffles, palming, mucking, switches, false deals and much more. Effects, techniques and approaches to card magic flow in an unrehearsed real session between these two legends of the game!

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  • Original title: Guy Hollingworth
  • Release date: 24-08-2021
  • Genre: Card Magic
  • Directors: Studio52
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  • Duration: 04:02:16
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