Tom Rose - Control

Control by Tom Rose

In this video I will be teaching two of my favorite controls. The Swing Cut Control is my approach to swing cutting to a break. It is easy to do and incredibly fooling. I will also explain my handling of the Riffle Shuffle Control.

Both of these sophisticated methods to cut to a break are indistinguishable from the real move and I’ve spent years to make them look exactly as they should.

More than that I will be teaching several handlings of those moves along with practical uses of them. We will talk about how to get into breaks, how to handle them properly and how to use the controls in context to make them imperceptible.

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  • Original title: Control by Tom Rose
  • Release date: 23-09-2020
  • Genre: Card Magic
  • Directors: Tom Rose
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  • Duration: 00:34:38
  • Views: 451 views
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