Zonte - How To Dice Cheat - Season Pass

How To Dice Cheat - Season Pass by Zonte

Have you ever wondered how people cheat at dice games? It’s got to be trick dice, or somebody’s somehow in on it. According to our friend Zonte, it’s sleight of hand, and we’re going to teach you how to do it. Welcome, to How To Dice Cheat.

We all know about card sharks and their deceptive techniques through Hollywood movies.

But one area of cheating that isn’t as publicly known and still remains underground for a good reason….is with a cup & dice.

Our friend from Spain, Zonte, an underground legend in dice cheating techniques and world record holder for dice stacking, is the first to apply these dangerous techniques into the field of entertainment.

The entire project is personally taught by him, and you’ll learn the complete A to Z of dice cheating even if you’ve never touched a cup & dice before.

That’s right, we’ll first go over the fundamentals of dice stacking. From how to handle the cup, to all the various ways to stack a tower of dice, our easy-to-learn mentorship system will have you mastering the basics in no time.

For those who already know how to dice stack, Zonte’s instructions will easily transition you into the fun stuff like stealing dice, or loading & unloading them.

We’ve also included some routines & applications for you to apply your newly learned skills.

No matter what level you’re at in dice stacking, THIS is the perfect place to begin. Let’s get started with How To Dice Cheat.

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  • Original title: How To Dice Cheat - Season Pass by Zonte
  • Release date: 15-03-2020
  • Genre: Dice Magic
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