Dennis Kim - Ephemera

Ephemera by Dennis Kim

Special Forces operators have a slogan: “Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.”

The same applies to card magic.

Dennis Kim's Ephemera is an assembly of smooth visual moves.


  • PORTRAIT OF ESCHER - Dennis' favorite trick to perform. By concentrating on a freely selected card, all other card faces vanish. Then, the card they thought they saw is the ONLY blank card in the deck.
  • EPHEMERA - A Blackjack pair vanishes completely, but before your spectators mind can accept it as fact, they instantly arrive back in your hands. A 'WTF' moment.
  • SILK ROAD - This gets the #1 spot for us and is worth the price of admission. A 4-to-1 transposition that's 100% dirty and ludicrously bold but looks SOOO good. Instant must-learn.
  • PARTING - Calling all move monkeys. Oh, there you are... Parting (as seen in the trailer) is a double sandwich routine that moonlights as a 4 card location effect. Get out the band-aids. Your fingers are gonna hurt after this.


  • DPS - The diagonal palm shift is one of the most useful and under-utilized steals in magic. Dennis teaches you a way to pull it off invisibly. Without obvious finger movements.
  • JECHT LIFT - Okay, we'll be honest. We thought this was a single card flourish when we saw it. Are you fooled too? Dennis teaches you this perfect double turnover where the cards stick together like glue.
  • KNUCKLE PALM - A variation on the Erdnase palm technique that uses no breaks and no get-ready to flawlessly palm a card from the bottom of the deck.
  • VERNON TRANSFER - Switch 4 cards for 4 cards whilst turning the deck over. Dennis' take on Vernon's famous transfer is almost like an optical illusion. The motion and move are dance partners.

+ BONUS TIPS on the pinky count, palming & sleight-of-hand angles.

In over 40 minutes of expert tuition, Tony Chang's protege flips the lid on every move, trick & tip he has ever created.

No secrets, no holding back. Everything laid bare.

Pure, unadulterated sleight-of-hand.

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  • Original title: Ephemera by Dennis Kim
  • Release date: 14-06-2019
  • Genre: Card Magic
  • Directors: Ellusionist
  • Rating: 1.0 1 votes
  • Duration: 00:43:46
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