George Rudd - Dream Levitation

Dream Levitation by George Rudd

The Dream Levitation is the perfect levitation trick for your next social media video!! Magicians have been doing levitations for centuries but very few look this clean.

“That’s insanely good bro! So visual! F***ing love it” – Magician and Mentalist Kassim Beydoun

Why is this perfect for social media:

  • Under 30 seconds to perform
  • Super visual
  • Can be viewed repeatedly by your followers

When coming up with this effect George wanted to create the cleanest looking levitation possible. Check the demo video for the original uncut performance.

The Dream Levitation is designed to be performed over social media such as Instagram, Zoom, TikTok, YouTube, Skype or Facebook.

“I’ve fooled some of my smartest friends in magic with this!!” – George Rudd

Construction of the illusion takes about 20 minutes. Then grab your phone and press record.

Most magicians will already have what’s required to perform this effect.

Includes 1 instructional HD downloadable video.

The content is solely produced by the artist.

Inspired by Mariano Goni’s Defiance.

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  • Original title: Dream Levitation by George Rudd
  • Release date: 08-07-2020
  • Genre: Other
  • Directors: The Online Magic Store
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  • Duration: 00:12:54
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