Karl Hein - Connected

Karl Hein: Connected

This is THE DEFINITIVE guide to assembling a virtual magic show. What Karl Hein covers in this 30 mi'nute full show and tutorial (almost three hours in total) is more comprehensive in scope and more ambitious in material than ANY other virtual show you've seen. Not only will you learn six routines with all sorts of props, but you'll learn how to involve the virtual audience ACROSS several routines. In other words, you can USE their participation in one piece to your secret advantage later, in a totally different piece. Karl Hein understands the power of this newfound medium, and how to get MEANINGFUL involvement from spectators. This isn't just about asking them to name a card or a country; families feel integral to the magic. Trust us: this is NOT just an explanation of six great tricks (although six OUTSTANDING zoom effects are explained in detail): this important tutorial will shift your thinking on the possibilities of virtual magic and enhance your knowledge of how to use the format to your best advantage.

You will learn:

  • Homing Pocket Transpo - This is a masterclass in how to take a quick, visual "live" card trick and make it interactive and fascinating for all involved. You cause two cards named by spectators to change places. But in so doing, you get EVERYONE involved, and get WAY, WAY ahead for your show.
  • Cubed Match - It's Rubik's Cube Magic...virtually. Karl shows you a technique so that virtual spectators can still be involved in mixing the cubes, and you show a completely perfect match. But once again, Karl is ten steps ahead of the audience. "Cubed Match" allows you set yourself up for an INCREDIBLE climax at the end of your show.
  • Just Right Bills and Just Right Ritual - Two underused and lovely effects using dollar bills or equivalent currency. As usual with Karl, everyone feels in control and involved. Just Right Bills is going to bring particular pleasure to those in the audience who like organization in their lives!
  • Zoom Pathways - This is a prediction effect with an array of assorted objects. It's visually interesting because it can use anything: a shoe, a lighter, a plate, and more...but it's also a way to get EVERYONE involved in a trick that traditionally uses just one spectator.
  • What's in the Cup? - This is the finale and incredible ending to your virtual show. And...it's the culmination of secret information and forcing used throughout the entire performance. This routine uses a genius idea of Bedros "Spidey" to easily produce different chosen objects from under an ordinary cup. The audience sees visual magic, but they feel it's completely customized to THEIR choices and decisions throughout the virtual show.

"Karl Hein strikes again! Watching a virtual audience experience a "Cube Match" was an absolute delight and miracle. He's one of a handful of magicians who consistently inspire and keep the bar high." - Rob Zabrecky

“Karl is brilliant as always. Converting his cube routine for a virtual format is, on its own, easily worth the cost of this video. Both the virtual performer and novice will certainly find valuable lessons and strong interactive material taught clearly and designed for the online medium.” - Ben Seidman

"The truly remarkable thing about Karl Hein's virtual offering is the degree to which every member of the audience is engaged. No less remarkable is his ability to involve the entire audience, without the use of procedure laden effects (that appear to rely solely upon mathematical principles). Karl's material is the exact opposite: easy to understand, entertaining, and totally amazing!" - Benjamin Barnes, Entertainment Director, Chicago Magic Lounge

"Karl Hein, whether live or online, is one of my favorite performers and creators." - John Born

“Karl Hein is a genius, and these Zoom based routines are even more proof of that. He turns the drawbacks of virtual shows into features that make these routines miracles.” - Jon Armstrong

"What an amazing collection of interactive virtual magic! These are all brand new routines ready to insert into your virtual magic show. 'What's in the Cup?' is a must-see, must-do effect. It's a reputation making closer that will have your clients asking for more. Or learn them all, and you have a solid 30 minute highly interactive virtual show." - John George

”Karl Hein is what showbiz professionals call a 'signature talent.' His live appearances at The Magic Castle and other high profile venues are indeed legendary. And now, with his 'Connected' offering, he provides useful material for those who are seriously working to create a high-quality virtual show. I've seen Karl deliver superb performances in multiple showrooms at The Magic Castle, at live lectures in magic shops, and through real-time virtual fundraiser events. I would happily add his high-quality Connected tutorial to this list. It is required viewing for any magical entertainer seeking to make the most of virtual entertainment.” - David Kovac

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  • Original title: Karl Hein: Connected
  • Release date: 24-09-2020
  • Genre: Misc Magic
  • Directors: Vanishing INC
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  • Duration: 02:43:11
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