Keith Damien Fisher - Key to Your Heart

Key to Your Heart by Damien Keith Fisher

They say that love is blind, but this effect... Key To Your Heart will surely open her eyes and win her over.

When performing this piece of magic, it appears as if it is so simple to perform. But, don't be fooled... because just one move happens quick creating the effect. The misdirection is smooth and natural and the key and chain are not a gimmick and can be purchased just about anywhere. With good sleigh of hand and practice, you can perform this effect anywhere at anytime.

You will have certainly gotten the attention of the girl's heart you want to steal with this piece, and just like the key and chain you will come together as one.

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  • Original title: Key to Your Heart by Damien Keith Fisher
  • Release date: 02-07-2020
  • Genre: Object Magic
  • Directors: Murphy's Distribution
  • Rating: 0 votes
  • Duration: 00:06:25
  • Views: 77 views
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