Paul Wison - Four Foolers

An exclusive bundle of miracle-level card magic downloads from the venerable Paul Wilson.

“Four Foolers” is an exclusive download bundle available only at Vanishing Inc. These are not throwaway tricks, but rather four amazing card tricks that have been evolved and perfected by Paul over decades of performances.

This is not only real-world material, but all the extra junk has been removed to make it more than practical than ever. Even better, they’re quite easy to perform. Instead of relying on difficult sleight of hand, Paul instead uses beautiful nuances and subtleties to help you elevate your close up magic.

This highly-recommended download bundle can’t be found anywhere else and is available now for a limited time price that is 60% cheaper than buying them separately.

What's Included:

  1. A Beautiful Mind - A remarkably clever and insanely fooling triple prediction that floored our entire team and got one of the biggest “I’m fooled” smiles we’ve ever seen from Andi Gladwin.
  2. Devilicious - A charming routine involving two spectators that seems to go wrong for one of them before a kicker ending, where one selected card transforms into the other, happens right under their noses.
  3. Undone Delusion - Paul Wilson has removed many of the problems impacting the famous “Dunbury Delusion” and streamlined the handling to create a sensational impromptu card trick with an impossible transposition they'll never see coming.
  4. Unholy Gathering - Paul’s innovative and visual moving holes gimmick that can be made in about 60 seconds and allows you to not only use a signed card, but also give away that unforgettable souvenir to every audience. No fragile gimmicks or thread required. Designed for in-person performances.
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  • Release date: 15-10-2021
  • Genre: Card Magic
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