Woody Aragon - The EP Principle

The EP Principle by Woody Aragon

A self-working miracle from the master. No preparation needed. Grab a deck, you're ready to rock.

Woody Aragon is known for his elegant self-working magic. In The EP Principle, he not only teaches you a foundational element of self-working magic, but he also shares with you one of his favorite effects as well as new applications to fool the blazes out of your audience.

The highlight of this download, which is over a half-hour long, is the Alpha and Omega trick. Woody has taken an effect from The Royal Road to Card Magic and supercharged it with The EP Principle so that it appears more impossible, more hands-off, and more like a miracle. No sleight of hand required and no memorization. The EP Principle will transform your self-working magic into self-working miracles.

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  • Original title: The EP Principle by Woody Aragon
  • Release date: 03-03-2020
  • Genre: Card Magic
  • Directors: Penguin Magic
  • Rating: 0 votes
  • Duration: 00:32:40
  • Views: 28 views
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