Giancarlo Scalia - Cuatro

Cuatro by Giancarlo Scalia

Giancarlo Scalia is part of the Spanish school of magic. An elite group of magicians that push the envelope of magic further.

They don't just create new methods. They create justification, motivation, movements, timing and tactics of misdirection.

When absorbing their wisdom, you're always getting much more than the 'trick'.

In his debut Ellusionist release, Cuatro (meaning FOUR), Giancarlo teaches 4 of his favorite Ace Assembly routines. You will learn:

  • Undercover Ace Assembly - In this routine a single ace is placed under the cover of a napkin, postcard or coaster. One by one the remaining 3 aces vanish and when lifted with an empty hand, the other aces have magically arrived.
  • Seven Card Assembly - As seen in the trailer, Seven Card Assembly is a flawless congregation of cards as the separated aces vanish one by one to join their leader ace, the ace of spades. The movements are slow and fair as the essence is stolen from each card impossibly. A must learn.
  • Cards Under Spectator - The spectator freely selects any ace and you read this mind, but that's not the trick, you get them to sit on that ace as you trap the remaining 3 aces under the deck. With no more moves, the aces vanish completely and arrive underneath the spectator. Completely impromptu and utterly fooling.
  • Russian Assembly - Like a Russian doll inside a Russian doll, this routine's performance is hidden inside your explanation to your audience. As you pretend to explain how it's done to your audience you're flawlessly performing it again, under impossible circumstances. This is Giancarlo's opening routine and the hidden gem of Cuatro that you'll perform most often.

Filmed on location in Spain, with help from Javier Natera & Dani DaOrtiz, this project is beautifully explained (across multiple camera angles) by a creator and performer who has layers to his effects.

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  • Original title: Cuatro by Giancarlo Scalia
  • Release date: 02-06-2020
  • Genre: Card Magic
  • Directors: Ellusionist
  • Rating: 0 votes
  • Duration: 00:45:36
  • Views: 159 views
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