Zee J Yan - Retention Z

Retention Z by Zee J Yan

Every once in a while a technique in magic influences the way other magicians perform, making it THE GOLD STANDARD. One of the most difficult moves to master in magicLAM Med 03-2 is the ability to vanish a coin at the fingertips in the most visual way possible. We call it the retention of vision vanish. Today, we offer a new way of performing this elusive coin vanish. This is a method YOU WILL USE!

Zee is a practitioner of magic who really understands concepts of magic. His original ideas expands on what came before and he adds finesse and elegance that elevate the technique. This will become apparent as you  experience Retention Z.

You will learn:

  • The Classic Retention
  • The Grab Retention
  • The Throw Retention
  • Coin Through Hand v.1
  • Coin Through Hand v.2

“An Extremely Clean method for one of the Most Powerful effects in coin magic.” – Kainoa Harbottle

“Slow. Gentle. Perfect. Watching Zee’s retention vanish makes me want to re-examine my approach. The pull through visual is actually absurd; I’ve used it since he showed me.” – Branden Wolf

“Wow. Fooled me the first 3 times I saw it. I have a lot of respect for Zee’s dedication to create minimal motion with the vanish.” – Eric Jones

“Best Retention Vanish I have ever seen. The coin thru hand isn’t something I liked, until I saw this. Felt like it actually melted thru his hand.” – Chris Ramsay

“Zee has real soft touch with coins, this is the exact Key objective of my own work. I love his magic!” – Lawrens Godon

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  • Original title: Retention Z by Zee J Yan
  • Release date: 28-04-2016
  • Genre: Coin Magic
  • Directors: Lost Art Magic
  • Rating: 0 votes
  • Duration: 00:15:57
  • Views: 110 views
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