Alex Ng - Totem

Totem by Henry Harrius and Alex Ng

A perfectly-structured, multi-phase mentalism routine that convincingly toes the line of true mind control.

Henry Harrius Presents is proud to bring you “Totem” by Alex Ng. This wildly clever routine combines a variety of powerful mentalism principles and psychological elements to create a mind-blowing effect that you can easily carry in your pocket.

“A streamlined and surefire routine combining a number of classic methods resulting in a demonstration that will astound and surprise your audiences.” Colin Cloud

“Totem” begins by allowing your spectator to hold a coin-shaped object covered in gold foil. You then take them on an imaginary journey where they’ll make a variety of decisions including: a number, a color, a city, a flower and a painting. This process is so fair, they truly won’t believe their eyes when they unwrap the object in their hand and discover it’s actually a poker chip that perfectly predicts every decision they made.

The ingenious structure of this routine, and the combination of devious methods it employs, ensures you’ll always have a successful conclusion. You’ll never have to worry about potential for failure that can often accompany these bold feats of mentalism.

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  • Original title: Totem by Henry Harrius and Alex Ng
  • Release date: 02-09-2021
  • Genre: Coin Magic
  • Directors: Murphy's Magic
  • Rating: 0 votes
  • Duration: 00:48:18
  • Views: 72 views
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