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Asi Wind Masterclass

One of the most respected performers in our craft, Asi Wind's work with playing cards has an impossible, hands-off feel that yields astounding results. He confounds magicians and laymen alike with a deliberate style that seems so fair at every turn. His book, Repertoire, received universal acclaim, and his recent appearance on Fool Us fooled all of us.

Asi will be covering several new concepts in his card work, as well as some of the material that has taken him around the world. The curriculum he has prepared will offer insights for both beginner and advanced card magicians, and most of the routines taught are not sleight-heavy. Asi is one of magic's most detailed teachers, and we're delighted to begin our Masterclass: Live series with Asi Wind.

In this three-week course, you'll receive three one-hour lectures and three 30-minute moderated Q&A sessions from Asi Wind on the first three Sundays in July 2020 at 4pm NYC time.

Week One: July 5th 2020 Fine points on the Fan Force The Double-Digit Force with new tips XY Deck and Applications Blacks and Reds Separation demonstration Reverse Engineering

Week Two: July 12th 2020 Canasta’s Book Test Memory Stunt with a Memdeck Notes on pre-how and troubleshooting Imaginary Card Under Watch Asi's reworking of Tommy Wonder’s Tamed Card

Week Three: July 19th 2020 Noah (Marlo’s Matching Trick) with extra tips Twin Souls Notes on tricks that work well for Zoom shows Calculator Trick Gypsy Queen

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