Nobuyuki Nojima - Raging Wave Shuffle

Raging Wave Shuffle by Nobuyuki Nojima

This shocking Triumph comes from NOJIMA, the guy who made raves with C3, a revolutionary new color change technique.

First, take a look at the trailer above. Even magicians will attest to the haphazard order of the cards. Yet, not only do the faces and backs return to order, but so does the deck -- as in new deck order. The only word that comes to mind here is "miracle." What's really surprising is that this can be done with a regular deck. It's not that difficult to master, and once you learn the handling, you can perform it anywhere. This is a killer trick that is easy to perform and definitely deserves a place in your repertoire. Contents: Raging Wave Shuffle This is an absolutely deceptive Triumph. A spectator chooses a card, the cards are mixed face up and face down, and the next moment they're all facing the same way except for the face-up spectator's card in the middle. But wait! A close look at the faces shows the cards and suits are in order! Just as the title of the trick suggests, the climax is like getting hit by a raging wave. This one is sure to knock 'em out. No gimmicks, strong angles, and extremely practical. Can even be performed standing. Out of Control This Triumph uses the entire table for a spectacularly chaotic display of the cards. The impression is that the performer has no way of controlling the deck, yet you end with all cards facing the same direction and of course, nailing the spectator's selection.
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  • Original title: Raging Wave Shuffle by Nobuyuki Nojima
  • Release date: 20-02-2019
  • Genre: Card Magic
  • Directors: Murphy's Distribution
  • Rating: 0 votes
  • Duration: 00:14:23
  • Views: 161 views
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