Reel Magic Magazine Project 1 - Module 1

Issue 1 - Paul Harris

Feature Interview - Paul Harris

Paul talks impromptu about technology mastery and astonishment.


  • John Lovick - Off the Shelf: Features John Lovick's new hundred dollar bill switch book "Switched."
  • Andrew Pinard - Continuum: A look at those who influence magic from the past the present and the future - this installment is Harry Lorayne on memory and magic.
  • Garrett Thomas - Try This At Home: his episode Garrett looks at the fake take.


  • Wayne Kawamoto - Choice Cuts:'s Wayne Kawamoto looks at the world of DVDs.
  • David Regal - Tricks of the Trade: Takes a hilarious look at four effects that are now on the market.


  • John Lovick - "$100 Bill Switch"
  • Potassy - "Bill to Potato"
  • Dan Tong - "Chop Cup Routine"
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