Reel Magic Magazine Project 1 - Module 4

Issue 4 - Bill Malone

Feature Interview - Bill Malone

John talks to the CEO of Comedy Magic, Bill Malone.


  • Jon Armstrong - Small Things, BIG DIFFERENCE: Little things that will make a BIG DIFFERENCE in your magic.
  • Simon Lovell - Simon said IT!: Flourishes: magic or juggling?
  • Andrew Pinard - Continuum: Todd Robbins, performer and Dean of the Coney Island Sideshow school, talks about the world of the Sideshow, how to make performances meaningful and expresses his concerns about the future.
  • Garrett Thomas - Try This At Home: The Effects of adding emotion to your magic.


  • Wayne Kawamoto - Choice Cuts: Wayne has a conversation with the legendary Mark Wilson, including a look at his new DVD set The Magic Circus.
  • David Regal -¬†Tricks of the Trade


  • Bill Malone - "Thinking Man's Sponge Ball Routine": Courtesy of L&L Publishing!
  • Lonnie Chevrie -¬†"A Stab in the Dark"
  • Justin Miller - "3 Card Melody": A Reel Magic Magazine Exclusive!
  • Cameron Francis - "Cagey": Courtesy of Big Blind Media!
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