Reel Magic Magazine Project 1 - Module 2

Issue 2 - Jason Alexander


  • New! Jon Armstrong - Small Things, BIG DIFFERENCE: Close-Up Magician of the year at the Castle
  • New! Simon Lovell - Simon said IT!: the ever-controversial Simon Lovell sounds off on magic and the internet
  • Kevin James - Caught on Tape: Kevin talks to Tim Trono about life on a reality show and how Simon Cowell (American Idol) contributed to getting him ousted.
  • Josh Jay - Off the Shelf: Josh interviews Joel Givens about the book “Session”.
  • Andrew Pinard - Continuum: Andrew goes to New York City and speaks with Bill Kalush, Executive Director of the Conjuring Arts Research Center
  • Garrett Thomas - Try This At Home


  • Wayne Kawamoto - Choice Cuts
  • David Regal - Tricks of the Trade


  • Joel Givens - "Ninja Coin"
  • George McBride - "Bar Room Blues": courtesy of Big Blind Media
  • Geoff Williams - "Ready to Link"
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