Tarbell – Every Trick in the Book Book 2 - Lesson 2

Lesson 21: Magic with Wands

The magic wand has played an important part in magical mysteries throughout the ages. It has been used as a symbol of power, but perhaps more important for theatrical magicians, it has been employed to help conceal palmed objects and misdirect attention.

However, the traditional wand has fallen out of favor, so Dan gives you many alternatives that are not only more recognizable, but more deceptive.

First, Dan uses some simple office supplies to show that a classic vanishing wand method has great potential, especially when he adds a few of his own touches.

Then, Dan shows you another variation using the same easy-to-make gimmick in a slightly different way for a quick transposition.

Returning to tradition for a moment, Dan teaches you a simple way to produce your very own fancy wand, both mechanically and magically.

And, he examines a couple of different handlings for producing other wand-like items from other small containers, useful in close-up situations.

Next, an updated method of using a wand to secretly load a handkerchief by making it even less gimicked and easier to prepare.

Then, Dan produces a bunch of strange items from a borrowed wallet and use an antique wand to apparently squeeze them all back into place.

To show you the potential of these wand-related methods, he combine a couple of them to create some seemingly impromptu fun with a drinking straw.

Also, Dan incorporates one great concept into a baseball-themed, stage piece that's a fun opener or a solid piece on a variety show. It's a grand slam.

Dan will also show you something really disgusting you can do with a pencil to impress everyone at your school or office.

Then, Dan takes a strange idea and makes it quite a bit cooler as he causes a borrowed bill to travel into a sealed ice-cream container.

Returning to the pencil, he shows you how to use it to make a borrowed ring answer questions by mysteriously moving... and everything is examinable.

And finally, Dan plays a fun game of hide-n-seek with a salty snack. This is a perfect puzzler for your next party. Pass the pretzels, please.

As you can tell, this lesson is stuffed with more magic than any other up to this point, and most of it is very commercial, useable stuff.

So forget about what you think a magic wand might be, and get ready to discover the potential in objects all around you.

Tricks Included:

  • The “P-L” Vanishing Wand
  • Rising Wand Suggestion
  • Wandering Wand & Envelope
  • How to Build your own Wand
  • Wand from Pocketbook
  • Cigar From Pocketbook
  • Wand from Card Case
  • Simplex Hank Producing Wand
  • Vanishing Handkerchief Wand
  •  The Rising Wand
  • Sure-Grip Magnetized Wand
  • Tarbell's Magnetized Wand
  • Edwards Magnetic Wand
  • Magnetic Rising Cards
  • The Penetrative Wand
  • "Card in the Egg" Wand
  • Rising Ring on Wand
  • Ireland's Growing Wand
  • Frank Kelly Vanishing Wand
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