Tarbell – Every Trick in the Book Book 2 - Lesson 4

Lesson 23: Magic with Coins

This lesson contains clever coin magic for close-up, stand-up, and even stage, Dan puts his spin on all the tricks to get the most out of them.

There's a wide variety of routines, beginning with the most familiar coin routine for stand-up and stage and ending with a long overlooked diamond in the rough.

First, Dan takes a fresh look at The Miser's Dream to create a routine that looks different and plays much bigger than the sum of its parts.

Plus, Dan reveals (for the first time ever) a sneaky and inexpensive way to make your own thin, large diameter production coins for stage work.

Next, you'll learn a great way, with no gimmicks and minimal sleight-of-hand, to cause coins to travel invisibly from one hand to another.

Then, Dan updates a clever idea with an unusual, new method to make coins vanish from a sealed jar one-at-a-time and arrive visibly, and audibly in a glass.

And, Dan introduces you to a coin-magician's most versatile tool as he makes coins travel from one hand to another while two helpers do their best to prevent it.

Then, using the same gimmick and a very simple concept, Dan teaches you a baffling routine containing multiple moments of amazement with minimal effort.

And finally, Dan updates a strange routine that has gone overlooked for a long time, mostly due to the preparation involved, but it's well worth the effort.

So, if you're looking for a way to make your coin magic look unique, become interactive, and play really big, then this lesson is for you.

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