Tarbell – Every Trick in the Book Book 2 - Lesson 8

Lesson 27: Rising Cards

Causing a chosen card to mysteriously rise from the pack has fascinated magicians and captivated audiences for centuries. It's a time-tested combination of card revelation and unexpected animation.

In this lesson, you will learn a variety of methods to achieve this phenomenal effect. All of them have practical applications to particular situations. Although you're unlikely to use them all, you are sure to find methods that suit you and your typical performing conditions.

First, a simple method built right into the deck causes cards to rise, one-at-a-time, until the last two rise together, as a king and queen should.

Then, Dan shares two methods to make the entire deck rise out of the box (at your command) ready for their performance.

Next, you will learn Dan's work with a self-contained, do-it-yourself gimmicked deck that allows freely chosen cards to rise from different parts of the pack.

He also shows you a cute little comedy bit where a chosen card rises from your jacket pocket and the best part is the trouble-free operation.

Then, we get into the meat of this lesson where you will learn quite a few ways to make selected cards rise while isolated in a wine glass.

Dan even gives you a couple of intriguing options for causing the cards to float right out of the deck and up into your waiting hand.

Ultimately, Dan shows you how Thurston made a card float in the air and, best of all, Dan's stand-alone method which requires no assistants!

Then, things get kinda crazy with DeKolta's original method for creating a beautiful fountain of cards that explode on your command.

Plus, some alternate methods for this fun fountain effect, including updating the pull to achieve a fast, powerful, and surprising finish.

And finally, Dan reveals his work with a self-contained, rising card masterpiece, including how to make the fancy props for a lot less than you might expect.

So, get ready to rise to any occasion as Dan modernizes the methods of the masters to get the most out of this quintessential classic of card magic.

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