Tarbell – Every Trick in the Book Book 2 - Lesson 5

Lesson 24: Cigarette Magic

If you're a non-smoker, you may wonder if you'll get anything out of this lesson, but I assure you there's something here for everyone.

Many of the effects are best performed with borrowed cigarettes and don't require you to smoke. Others, Dan has changed completely so no cigarettes are required.

The lesson starts with a number of very useful sleights which (although designed for cigarettes) can be applied to many other items.

Once you understand the basics, Dan puts it all together to give you a sample routine that lets you show off your newly-acquired skills.

Then, Dan teaches you an easy and effective trick that also serves as a gentle reminder of the financial burden of a smoking habit.

And, for anyone who just can't give it up, Dan shows you my more modern approach to magically rolling your own out of thin air.

Plus, if you'd like to vanish a lit cigarette (and bring it back) without complicated sleight-of-hand, Dan shows you the device that does just that.

And now, for something completely different, a do-it-yourself vanishing Sharpie marker that you can use two ways. It's easy to make and fun to perform.

Next you'll learn a truly surprising, seemingly impromptu, trick where a borrowed dollar becomes trapped in a borrowed cigarette.

Then, to inspire you to think outside the pack, Dan tosses the cigarettes aside and creates a sweet trick that you can use in your kid's show.

Continuing to incorporate unusual items, Dan performs a cute bit of business for anyone who's ever known a finicky cat... as if there's any other kind.

Then, you'll learn how the great manipulator, Cardini, made a borrowed cigarette float mysteriously inside a sealed tube, and returned it unharmed.

And finally, Dan reveals a practical way to pull a lit cigarette from any borrowed pack. It's a great sight gag using modern technology.

Yes, there are some smokin' tricks in this lesson, but most of them don't require you to light up. So, I'm sure you'll find this lesson to be smooth and refreshing.

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