Tarbell – Every Trick in the Book Book 2 - Lesson 3

Lesson 22: Double Papter Mysteries

The basic principle underlying the Double Paper Mysteries is really quite simple, yet can be applied in a variety of ways to create countless effects.

I find it works best when incorporated secretly into items an audience readily recognizes and accepts as innocent, and you'll see how I do just that.

First, Dan will show you the original construction of a magical paper cone that allows you to produce or vanish small objects, but then he teaches how to construct a much less suspicious-looking alternative. In fact, he will show you a few different variations, and use one of them for a funny bit of business with a handkerchief that stubbornly refuses to co-operate until it eventually finds it way into a sealed bag held by your helper.

Using yet another variation, Dan will teach you how to quickly make a fun and tasty snack for everyone in your audience.

He'll even show you a fancier version of the paper cone that does twice the work of the original. And Dan tips his self-sealing version that allows you to perform a comedy cut-and-restored handkerchief routine that turns your audience volunteer into the star of the show.

Then, Dan teaches another helper how to find a card with a piece of string, but things take a comic twist as he finds all the cards except the selected one.

Next, when we look at yet another paper cone, Dan shows you a few ways to implement it in a fun, seasonal routine.

Now, for something a bit more practical, Dan makes a borrowed driver's license instantly appear in a sealed envelope that's been in view the whole time.

Then, Dan uses a simple coin vanish and re-appearance to introduce you to the real inspiration behind the character of Ebeneezer Scrooge.

And finally, things get really hot as Dan causes a coin to penetrate through the solid metal lid of a canning jar.

So, get ready for a little arts and crafts as Dan shows you how to create clever utility devices out of simple pieces of paper.

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